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Small SCALE & Decentralized DESIGN

Dear Shapeways!

Thank you for refunding the original order. That first design still contained some ribs that were too thin to print and we cancelled the order. This meant we had to refund, which you carefully did. It took, understandably, a few weeks to complete and probably was costly on your part.

But.. why not switch to a token such as Ethereum (ETH)  or Chainlink (LINK)  for payment and refund  processing ? As  there would be hardly any transfer fees and an instant payment, I think your 3D community just might love this option. You could also use a  token (on the Ethereum network) to pay your makers that own a shop within Shapeways? Cutting costs, this would raise the remaining revenue for them. .. and with it adoption. Chainlink is already partnered with Google and SWIFT it is said. https://chain.link/ , but there are other networks out there.

Switching to crypto, you could even incorporate maker licenses into decentralized “non fungible tokens”, which can be sold by designers if they so desire . 2018 saw a first blockchain hype cycle. Most companies discovered it is not easy to develop a dedicated blockchain and token of their own. Nor is there a need!

A the same time larger projects did continue to mature, develop and integrate. Tokens can hold contracts next to being money alone. They can be non-fungible (for example: the standard ERC721) This means tokens are not the same and each carry their own value and contract identity. Possibly they are representing the intellectual property of a design or piece of art. But also they can entitle someone to the rights to a piece of land or real estate .

If Shapeways implements this technology, it could keep leading the way in global decentralized design earning . There would be a catch: Decentralization does  mean there are no “whales” in the contracts loop. 😊 Shapeways would still keep value in owning specialized machinery and earn through logistics. But it would take a step back in the oversight of who owns what piece of work. As this creation network is coming to live anyway, why not facilitate it?

Finally,  my compliments for the brass part print quality ! I was amazed this small scale experiment was a success and I am really looking forward to using your metal printing services again.
I will then come up with something original and hingy, while this is just a 1:100 scaled copy ..:

Best regards! Tijn Matthijssen